Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ruka's Comming

Hi Again

I got some great news this past weekend. Mom and Dad said my good friend Ruka may come for a visit. My sister Kelly is in the U.S. Navy and has to go overseas for awile. She will be taking Ruka with her later but right now Ruka has to go through a ton of medical tests and shots. Ruka also had to have a micro-chip put in with information about her owner and her health record. I have had a chip since I was a puppy. I think every dog should have one. Watch for more about micro-chips in future blogs.

Last time Ruka was here we had lots of fun running in the yard, digging holes and sometimes arguing about bones or treats. Mom and Dad thought we argued about something they called dominance or alfalfa male something (I think??) but we knew that we argued because one of us had what the other one wanted. Sometimes Ruka gets a little greedy and I have to teach her how to share. Grandma gets really nervous when we argue but Mom and Dad just tell us to "KNOCK IT OFF" in a loud roar and the argument is over as fast as it started.

Anyhow, I'm really excited about her coming for a visit and can't wait to see her again. Better run for now but remember: “Sitting, Shaking, and Rolling Over are all cute tricks, but laying on their feet will make them putty in your paws.”

“May you always have a warm home, a blanket to lay on and a treat in your belly at bedtime”
Till next time -------- Baxter

Monday, February 19, 2007

Winter and Snow

Hi Friends

Well, I don't know about you guys and gals but I have just about had my fill of winter and snow. Seems like we are always outside shoveling snow and getting wet. Also. in the winter dad isn't in the greatest mood when it comes to playing. Once in a while he throws a shovel full of snow at me but usually I just hear words and phrases that I don't recognize. Have you ever tried to catch all the snow that is discharged from a snow blower??? Let me tell you, it ain't easy. I end up gaging on a mouth full of snow and completely covered in snow while mom and dad are standing there laughing. I'm really glad that it amuses them.

Speaking of snow, this brings up another problem --- Sanitary Facilities. I have no idea how other dogs do it (especially in upstate New York w/110in. of snow) but when there is a lot of snow on the ground, my problems are multiplied ten times over. First off --- Why does it always snow during the night? They let me out in the morning, I jump off the porch full of anticipation and there I am, STUCK --- Snow up to my neck, legs unable to move and a bladder that started moving the moment they opened the door. And to add insult to injury, guess who's standing inside the door saying "get busy" while in uncontrolled laughter??? Right again, Mom and Dad. I wonder how they would feel if the rolls were reversed??? Secondly, walks are at a premium when there is snow on the ground. In the spring and summer we walk every day but the minute a snowflake falls, the leash is nowhere to be found. I guess they expect us to run and play in the yard with snow up to our necks --- go figure.

Better run for now. Talk to you soon.

“May you always have a warm home, a blanket to lay on and a treat in your belly at bedtime”

Till next time -------- Baxter

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Stale Treats

Hi Friends --- Here’s one that really ought to ruffle your fur.
“Stale Treats” -----

Now I don’t want to brag but when it comes to quality treats I consider myself a master, a connoisseur of those tender tasty morsels that, when they touch your lips, your mouth waters, your tail wags and your body shakes uncontrollably in apprehension. It is then that we realize that we have been reduced to a quivering ball of fur that would do almost anything for the next one!

Therefore when we are given a treat it should be a fresh, mouth watering treat, and not some stale, shriveled-up piece of who knows what; something that has been in the cupboard for ions and has begun to metamorphose into a completely different species. I always get nervous when mom says “honey, do you know what this is” and dad says without looking, “I have no idea, give it to Baxter.” That’s when the problem begins.

Everyone knows we are supposed to swallow fast (forget chewing) and prepare for the next treat (that is just one of the many things that make us cute). By the time our brains tell us “stale treat”, it’s too late! The treat has reached the stomach and there is only one, possibility two, ways to get that “stale treat” back out and we can not be held responsible for either.

So listen, take a moment to smell, even lick that treat, slow down and proceed with caution. I guarantee that the quality and quantity of your treat experiences will do nothing but increase.

“May you always have a warm home, a blanket to lay on and a treat in your belly at bedtime”

Till next time -------- Baxter

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bet ya thought I forgot about ya

Hi Friends ----- Bet ya thought I forgot about ya. Things have been sooooo crazy I have no idea where to start. Between the Holidays, Company, Traveling, Visiting with Friends (both old and new) and starting my own business, my life has been anything but normal. Yep, you heard me right, I’m now a small business owner. With mom and dads help (because I can’t type real good) I made the jump into the business world. Dad wasn’t really for it but I laid on his feet a few nights and he finely came around (I learned that trick the first winter dad and I were at home while mom was on the road). I spend lots of time thinking up new ideas and resting, then let mom and dad do the rest. The hardest part of this business thing is coming up with a title befitting a dog of my stature. CEO, President or Chairman of the Board sounds so --- so human. I was thinking something like CIC (canine in charge) or “Big Bow Wow”. I kind of favor “Big Bow Wow”. What do you think? Let me know. Better run for now ---- there’s thinking and resting to do.

Remember Guys and Gals, Baxter’s Philosophy is:
“Sitting, Shaking, and Rolling Over are all cute tricks, but laying on their feet will make them putty in your paws.”

“May you always have a warm home, a blanket to lay on and a treat in your belly at bedtime” Till next time -------- Baxter

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Home after dog kennel stay

Well, I was away for a while - but sure am glad to be back home! Ruka and I had to go stay at the PhilMar Kennels last week, 'cause my dad had surgery and went away. Mom drove us to PhilMar - Its a very nice kennel with lots of other dogs! We tell each other stories about out families and tell doggie jokes 'n such. I mostly just listen, but Ruka, well she likes to talk a lot! We also get 'playtime' once a day. People always want to play 'fetch' with us dogs. What is with that? I mean, I will go get the ball for a couple of times, but after five or six times of chasing the same ball - well, enough already! It does get a bit boring. Humans don't give us points or anything and there are no sand traps or special tricks involved. Anyway, mom finally picked us up and we rode home to see dad. It is great to be home!! Now Ruka and I are back to playing "tag" and "red light, green light, 123". After a little nap, I'm going to see if she wants to bark at the Beagle Boy next door. "CHow" for now,

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Welcome to my canine blog!

HI Guys! Thanks for stopping in! Be sure to give your humans a tail wag or big lick for helping you out with getting online. If you got an email to check out this web log than your human is a friend of my mom's. She has lots of friends that like pets and I figure that is a good thing. My mom is in education and I tell her that the first thing humans need to learn is to be good to animals! I mean, haven't you read where those serial killers and such started out being mean and hurting defenseless animals?
Anyway its the weekend and we are 'cleaning' - humans way for nesting - Ruka and I try to scare that noisy vacuum and eat the fluffy duster, but mom just chases us away - cleaning is no fun!!
"Chow" ~Baxter

More about Canine Commentary - dog blog

Hey this is working out pretty good! I have my own 'profile' - pretty handsome fella, wouldn't you say?
My mom types for me since my paws are just too big for her keyboard. Why hasn't somebody designed an adaptive keyboard for us canines??
Anyway, she has agreed to type just what I ask, so its not her fault if the grammer is funny - I am a DOG after all!
Wait until I tell the guys in the neighborhood that I am "Blogging"! They won't believe it! So be sure and read this to your dog, or even to your cat or other type of pets. I mean blogging should be open for all of us. It is great to have a place where I can talk about my life as a dog, share my thoughts, and tell you my dreams. Yeah, we dogs have dreams, too. Like discovering a new bone under every bush. Or finally catching that darn squirrel that invades my yard in the mornings!
Right now I have to go play with Ruka. She's my niece who's visiting since her mom's in Iraq with the navy ( I always thought the Navy was on the ocean, but Iraq is a lot of sand - ?). Ruka always wants to play tug of war. I let her win a lot 'cause I'm a gentleman - she thinks its because she tough. "Chow" `Baxter

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