Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ruka's Comming

Hi Again

I got some great news this past weekend. Mom and Dad said my good friend Ruka may come for a visit. My sister Kelly is in the U.S. Navy and has to go overseas for awile. She will be taking Ruka with her later but right now Ruka has to go through a ton of medical tests and shots. Ruka also had to have a micro-chip put in with information about her owner and her health record. I have had a chip since I was a puppy. I think every dog should have one. Watch for more about micro-chips in future blogs.

Last time Ruka was here we had lots of fun running in the yard, digging holes and sometimes arguing about bones or treats. Mom and Dad thought we argued about something they called dominance or alfalfa male something (I think??) but we knew that we argued because one of us had what the other one wanted. Sometimes Ruka gets a little greedy and I have to teach her how to share. Grandma gets really nervous when we argue but Mom and Dad just tell us to "KNOCK IT OFF" in a loud roar and the argument is over as fast as it started.

Anyhow, I'm really excited about her coming for a visit and can't wait to see her again. Better run for now but remember: “Sitting, Shaking, and Rolling Over are all cute tricks, but laying on their feet will make them putty in your paws.”

“May you always have a warm home, a blanket to lay on and a treat in your belly at bedtime”
Till next time -------- Baxter

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