Sunday, February 13, 2005

Home after dog kennel stay

Well, I was away for a while - but sure am glad to be back home! Ruka and I had to go stay at the PhilMar Kennels last week, 'cause my dad had surgery and went away. Mom drove us to PhilMar - Its a very nice kennel with lots of other dogs! We tell each other stories about out families and tell doggie jokes 'n such. I mostly just listen, but Ruka, well she likes to talk a lot! We also get 'playtime' once a day. People always want to play 'fetch' with us dogs. What is with that? I mean, I will go get the ball for a couple of times, but after five or six times of chasing the same ball - well, enough already! It does get a bit boring. Humans don't give us points or anything and there are no sand traps or special tricks involved. Anyway, mom finally picked us up and we rode home to see dad. It is great to be home!! Now Ruka and I are back to playing "tag" and "red light, green light, 123". After a little nap, I'm going to see if she wants to bark at the Beagle Boy next door. "CHow" for now,

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